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First Chi-town entry

So this is my first official update as a Chicago/Westmont resident. =)

First things first, IT IS FREAKING COLD UP HERE! Now some of you are probably just shaking your heads either wondering why I am telling you the obvious or fighting your urge of blurting out a loud I-told-you-so. But hey it's not like I didn't know anyway, so whatever.

I unpacked pretty much everything that I conceive I will need at least for the next 3-4 months because I know that I will find a wonderful job soon, and along with that, a place of my own. For now, the rest will stay in boxes until I move again or until I need it, whichever comes first.

My computer is set up as well, though I was having a hard time the first night here trying to get my wireless card to pick up my mom's internet connection. But anyway, now I'm connected and able to talk to everyone, which God knows I will do now that I have all the time in the world for myself. I could start looking for jobs online, but that won't do me any good since I am leaving Thursday to go to Puerto Rico for a whole month with no internet access. And I could go out with my friends up here in Chi-town, except for, um, oh yeah that's right, I don't have any. =/

So honestly, I haven't done much of anything since I got here. All I have done has been going to the mall with mom everyday. She's the one doing all the shopping of course. I'm just there for moral support and to depress myself while I look at all the things I can't afford because I don't have a job yet.

Wow, those words feel so weird to say... "I don't have a job yet" It's been a while since the last time I said those words. Feels kinda good, I'm not going to lie. But I also feel like a slacker. It's all my doing though, I was the one who wanted to move to Chicago with no job.

Which brings me to Bloomington... it was actually harder to leave that I thought it would be. I think the hardest part was saying "goodbye" to Slagle (Leah S.) She helped me load my car up that morning. We started to say goodbye a little after... and the next thing I know she's crying, and the next thing I know I am crying, and then we hug and bawl each other's eyes out like we were being tortured or something. It was kinda funny actually looking back, but I never thought she would start crying that way when I left. I love Slagle. If anything, I know we will see each other in the future. She has to come to Chicago next year before she starts her job in Minneapolis anyway, so I know I will get to hang out again.

Saying goodbye to Dustin was hard as well. We hung out like two nights before I left town, and the entire night had a very bittersweet feeling. We enjoyed our night together and we smiled and laughed and joked around remembering a lot of things, which was something that had not really happened since we broke up. But going through all the memories was hard too because it just reinforced the fact that we were not together anymore, so then we started dissecting the entire relationship as a way to try to find closure. And I think we did find the closure we needed. If anything, I know we will stay in touch, and I hope we can remain friends after all this chaos that ensued between us. He is a great guy, and I know he will find someone in the future who will be able to offer him everything I was not able to. I want him to be happy.

Anyway, I am going to play my Game Cube for a bit. Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door is calling me. That game is very fun indeed.


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